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Wolf of Wall Street Book

It produced a best-selling book and a record-breaking movie, but Jordan Belfort's most powerful story you need to hear in person.

Did you know that Jordan...

Your opportunity to discover The Ever Evolving Formula for Success

Jordan Belfort learned the hard way that success at anything in life – from building your career or business, defining entrepreneurial vision, enhancing relationships to creating wealth - has a 'formula'...a system of 'rules'.

By developing a unique understanding of those rules he now knows how to "fail elegantly" - because the real lessons are in the failures. And he knows how to succeed wildly!

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"Had he stayed straight, many experts reckon he'd have become a billionaire anyway – such is his natural gift." - Piers Morgan

Getting behind the Truth of Jordan's Success

Jordan is committed to showing you how you can replicate his strategies for massive success without having to endure his punishing failures.

From his paper route at age 8 to the brokerage firm he launched in his early twenties: You'll have the unique opportunity to hear about pivotal moments in his life story. The first flush of success. The near destruction. And the lessons he learnt from them.

The world can't get enough of Jordan Belfort - now you have your opportunity: He's finding just enough time to make to come to your city!

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About Jordan Belfort: The Ultimate Redemption Story

In the 1990s, Jordan Belfort built one of the most dynamic and successful sales-organisations Wall Street has ever seen. And became the centre of one of modern history's most spectacular and well publicised falls from grace.

Taking invaluable lessons from the mistakes he made and the prices he paid, he has re-emerged from his dramatic rise and fall as a globally-recognised potent force behind extraordinary business success. Now a smash-hit on the international speaking circuit, he helps both individuals and corporations achieve massive increases in sales, productivity, and teamwork. To this day, his proprietary sales-training techniques and daily motivational speeches are the 'stuff of legend'.

Jordan can claim to have transformed vast numbers of lives. His testimonials confirm he can take virtually any individual, regardless of background, and empower them to attain goals they never dreamed themselves capable of.

He has engineered over $1.5 Billion of financing for various public companies, and held controlling stakes in more than thirty of them. He's acted as a consultant to more than fifty public companies, and has been written about in virtually every major newspaper and magazine in the world.

Jordan Belfort's two bestselling books have been published in 30 countries and translated into 110 different languages. He is a frequent guest-commentator on CNN, CNBC, Headlines News and the BBC.

The Wolf is hot news in the media

"How 'The Wolf of Wall Street' helped me increase my sales by 50 percent"

Breaking News: Jordan Belfort & James Packer to launch TV Series

Australian billionaire, James Packer and the director of the Rush Hour film series and X-Men: The Last Stand, Brett Ratner are working with Jordan Belfort.

Their independent film company "RatPac" helped fund the box office hits Gravity and The Lego Movie.

When Jordan pitched an idea for a "Mad Men-style" TV series based on '80s Wall Street to RatPac they loved the idea and it's now in development along with plans for Jordan's own reality TV show, tentatively titled 'The World's Greatest Salesperson'.

"We are extremely excited about teaming up with Jordan on this project. I respect Jordan for his tenacity. Like many people he has made mistakes and he doesn't hide away from it. Jordan is now working hard to build a new career and this venture is an important part of his journey." - James Packer in The Weekend Australian*

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"He stands as an example of the transformative qualities of ambition and hard work. In that regard, he is a motivator without peer. I've known Jordan for years and I've been in his company many times but there is nothing quite like his public speaking."
- Leonardo DiCaprio

If there's one life story that serves as the ultimate example of self-elevation, self-destruction and self-redemption - it's Jordan Belfort's - Catch 'The Wolf' while you can!